Every day, mounting evidence shows that planet Earth is undergoing climatic, environmental and social disturbances that need to be addressed right away! Even on our small island, each one of us can become an agent of local and global change.

50 eco-moves for a more sustainable island

The power of small! While “sustainability” might sound like a big word with so many underlying implications, it is not only about the great deeds. In our daily lives, for example, the first steps towards a fairer and more sustainable world start with small choices we make.

While a 50-year old country may be perceived as a relatively young nation, we have reached the maturity to lead our country towards new heights when it comes to environmental and energy-friendly practices.

May it be at home, at the office, on the way to the grocery store, at the beach or in nature, all we need to make a difference is awareness, consistency and the desire to bring about change.

As one people, as one nation, let’s learn how to do it with just 50 small eco-moves we can put in practice as from today! Hip, Hip, Hip…Hurrah!