What’s scarier than someone staring at a switched off TV screen? A TV screen staring at an empty armchair!

We all know how much you care for this dear armchair but does it really need the fan on when you are not in the room?

Opt for large windowpanes to let maximum light in instead of leaving the lamp on all day.

Do you know the feeling of talking to someone who’s not listening? Your radio does, every time you leave it on while not around.

10 Small Eco Moves At Home

Home sweet home!

We all enjoy the homely comfort that electrical and electronic appliances bring to our daily lives: the cool breeze of an A/C, our fresh fruits and veggies, the clean clothes we put on after a hot shower… Nevertheless, opting for energy-efficient labels, sustainable electronics and prioritising smart waste sorting will help you and your family reduce your bills and carbon footprint while fostering a more eco-friendly way of life.

Here are 10 eco-moves you can start doing right away!

Adopt responsible purchasing habits

While shopping, choose reusable products

Avoid energy wastage

Set heater or air conditioner at optimum temperature

Reduce electrical energy consumption

Turn off all lights and appliances when not in use

Save energy

Use low-energy bulbs in every room

Cook smart

Avoid use of microwave to defrost food

Reduce use of chemical products

Replace chemical cleaning products by eco-friendly ones

Reduce waste impact

Adopt waste sorting to enable recycling

Water consumption

Collect rainwater for irrigation purposes and car wash

Prevent water wastage

Close the tap when not in use and repair leaks

Reduce heat energy loss

Use a pan which fits the size of the hotplate and cover it while cooking