Some chemicals in your sunscreen can be harmful to the marine ecosystem when you dip in the water.

Some secrets are best buried beneath the sand but this rule does not apply to your cigarette butts even if you smoke covertly.

The sea is filled with enough nutritious food to cater for all marine life surrounding Mauritius. There is no need to leave leftovers on the beach after your meals.

Non-biodegradable food packaging is one of the major catalysts responsible for the disasters targeting marine life. Pick up your plastic bags, containers and packaging as you leave the beach.

If you broke your slippers while playing some beach volley, what makes you think they are fit for crabs to wear once you leave?

10 Small Eco Moves At the Beach

Awareness comes in waves!

Have you ever thought how lucky we are to live a few hours away from any public beach around the island? The pleasures of sunbathing, taking a dip into the azure lagoons on any given Sunday, taking your family for a picnic, walking with your loved one at sunset and even snorkelling among the wonders of our lagoons…

Preserving our lagoons, beaches and marine life forms part of our duties as islanders not just for our present enjoyment but also for the future generations of Mauritians. Here is how you could do your part…

Maintain marine life

Take care not to trample any coral reef or living organism in the lagoon

Clean environment

Collect waste, even trash left by others, and put it in a bin

Preserve marine ecosystem

Avoid transmitting human germs to marine species by touching them

Carbon footprint

Going to the seaside on foot, using public transport or car sharing

Ocean conservation

Don't throw cigarette butts or chewing gum which release toxic substance that imperil marine life

Limit noise pollution

Don't practise any motorised activity or play loud music in public

Reduce use of plastic

Bring reuseable bottles and avoid buying plastic bottles

Preserve the environment

Avoid campfire on the beach which may damage trees and roots

Prevent littering

Bring a garbage bag or a basket to collect all waste

Preserving marine biodiversity

Use organic cosmetics that are not harmful to marine organisms