With the majority of offices equipped with air conditioning, the use of fans at the same time will only raise your company’s monthly bill.

If you thought that leaving your computer screen on stand-by is harmless, what about the 99 other screens left on in your department only?

It is a known fact that a minimalist desk leads to a healthier working environment. Need some space? How about going paperless and getting rid of the bad habit of printing every mail or document you need to read?

Need some more light? How about opening these blinds and letting in some natural light?

If multi-tasking is bad for your mental health, what makes you think using a multi-plug is a good idea? Overloading sockets can result in overheating of the plug and eventually cause a fire.

10 Small Eco Moves At the Office

Mindfulness at work!

Whether we embrace this idea or not, our workplace can be considered as our second home. Some of us even spend more time at work than at home and it is crucial to grow professionally and personally in a stress-free and eco-friendly environment.

Whether we are working for a company or as entrepreneurs, we might at times take for granted some of the benefits or facilities at our disposal. Nevertheless, let’s all bear in mind that, even during office hours, we can contribute in making our business more eco-friendly.

Reduce electricity consumption

Buy low-energy and non-polluting equipment

Reduce waste impact

Recommending waste sorting at work

Efficient use of paper

Writing on both sides of my note pads

Smart use of electricity

Install a multi-socket with a power switch

Reduce water wastage

Inform maintenance department of any water leakage


Repair or give away old equipment instead of throwing away

Avoid wasting electricity

Unplug the mobile phone when it is fully charged

Efficient use of energy

Turn off appliances and close all door and windows when air conditioning is on

Reduce electricity bill

Using the stairs instead of the lift

Reduce paper consumption

Avoid printing whenever possible or print on both sides