If you thought Mother Nature could extract the remaining energy from your used batteries, think again. The chemicals in battery cells are highly toxic to the environment, so recycle them.

Ever heard about the legend of the monkey scientist who lived in the forest and could repair all kinds of broken electronic items? Yeah, it was just a legend.

Washing your clothes in rivers won’t contribute in creating a gigantic, natural washing machine. The chemicals, soap and dyes will just infiltrate the ground water we drink everyday.

Disposing of plastic wastes in ditches and rivers will only contribute in blocking the natural flow of water causing overflows during rainy seasons.

No, your discarded fire extinguisher would be of no use in case of a wildfire in nature. It could even cause injury if crushed and contains chemicals that will harm the environment over time.

10 Small Eco Moves In Nature

Making green habits second nature!

Throughout recent years, increasing evidence arise on the positive effects of nature on the health and happiness of populations. With climate change, pollution, the depletion of natural resources and unethical practices in natural resource management on the rise, it is high time we start rethinking our relationship with nature.

Throughout the centuries, Mauritius has lost a large portion of its forest areas as well as its native fauna.

Today, with the access to information and the availability of expert advice on nature preservation, we can each do our part to preserve and even enhance the state of our local fauna and flora.

Responsible fishing and hunting

Follow the prescribed seasons, thus respecting the reproduction cycle of the species

Reduce pollution

Use a backpack to bring water and food, and collect my waste afterwards

Proscribe air pollution

Avoid campfires in nature

Promote bio products

Avoid using chemical crop protection products such as insecticides, pesticides and fungicides

Avoid non-biodegradable waste

Bring an ashtray to dispose cigarette butts

Preserve biodiversity

Don't get off trail tracks to avoid damaging endangered species

Preserve wildlife

Don't take away any wild species from their natural habitat

Respect the environment

Bring a garbage bag to collect waste

Preserve ozone layer

Use organic insect repellent products

Don’t litter

Carry a garbage bag or a basket to collect wastes