Disposing of out-of-date drugs and medicine helter-skelter can lead to serious damage: contaminating underground water, endangering wildlife or falling in a child’s hands are but a few examples.

The plastic packages and containers you throw on the road will definitely get flattened and crushed but will not disappear. Instead they could cause an accident…

A hybrid car will not only save you serious money on fuel, but it also reduces your carbon footprint.

If like Tom Thumb, you cannot find your way back home, stop throwing breadcrumbs and food through your window and turn on your GPS.

Everything inside a cigarette pack can be recycled: from plastic to cardboard. Next time instead of throwing it away on the highway, chuck it in a recycle bin or give up this unhealthy habit…

10 Small Eco Moves On the Road

On the right track!

There isn’t a time of the day when you wouldn’t meet a fellow countryman on our highways. Mauritians hit the road from sunrise to sunset, to either get to work, go shopping, drop the kids at school…and other endless reasons.

While on our way, we might come across some issues that need to be resolved A.S.A.P: a dirt bag lying in the middle of the road, fuel leaking from another driver’s vehicle, and the list goes on…

Here are 10 ways in which you can bring about change while behind the wheels.

Raise awareness

Intervene when other people act in a non-ecological behaviour

Air pollution

Drive at the ecological speed prescribed by the car manufacturer

Reduce waste impact

Refuse disposable packaging in shops, plastic straws and cups in restaurants

Reduce road congestion

Favour public transport or carpooling for traveling

Don’t litter

Use bins to get rid of waste

Avoid pollution

Keep a garbage bag in the car to collect waste

Reduce use of fossil fuel

Walk or bike for short distances

Reduce the farm to fork distance

Choose local produce for meals

Health & Safety

Return old medications to a drugstore or to a hospital

Responsible behaviour

If there are no bins, bring your waste back home