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Bel Ombre attains milestone as a Sustainable Tourism Destination at the 2023 Green Destination Summit

27 Oct 2023


Rogers Group soared to new heights this month at the Green Destination Summit 2023, hosted in Tallinn, Estonia's Green Capital. Bel Ombre, Mauritius, has emerged as a celebrated and honoured sustainable tourism landmark among global eco-visionaries. This distinction reaffirms our unwavering commitment to an eco-conscious future for Bel Ombre, making it a reference in Sustainable Tropical Art de Vivre.  

Yesterday, the Tourism Authority of Mauritius, which spearheaded the application process for this prestigious certification, hosted an appreciation event at the stunning Le Château de Bel Ombre. The event recognised and thanked significant public and private stakeholders who have been instrumental in this achievement. It was an honour to have the Minister, Hon. Alan Ganoo, along with regional MPs, Hon. Marie Sandra Mayotte, and Hon. Nand Prakash Ramchurrun, in attendance.

The outstanding "Now for Tomorrow" programme, led by Rogers Hospitality, is at the heart of this distinguished recognition. Operational in Bel Ombre, this is not merely an initiative; it's a strategic framework intended to curtail environmental imprints of the Rogers Group with the collaboration of Agrïa, another subsidiary of the Group. The commitment of Rogers is evident in managing the efforts to champion a circular economy, protect biodiversity, nurture vibrant communities, advocate for inclusive development, and pave the way for energy transition in line with the Group's sustainability strategy.

The initiatives that contributed to this Green Destination distinction for Bel Ombre include: 

  • local sourcing to support local communities and reduce carbon footprint 
  • food waste reduction and community support 
  • responsible waste management and upcycling 
  • continuous efforts to protect Bel Ombre's natural sanctuary against climate change 
  • low impact stays in the Rogers Hospitality hotels 
  • Green Key certifications for Rogers Hospitality's hotels 

The coveted Bel Ombre Man & Biosphere label further bolsters the achievement - a symbol of our dedication to conserving the region's biodiversity and upholding socio-cultural authenticity.

Concurrently, the Group’s endeavour to align Bel Ombre's golfing landscape with GEO certification showcases our vision to redefine industry benchmarks and promote sustainable tourism.

Collaboration has been the driving force behind this remarkable journey. The Bel Ombre Territory has established crucial partnerships with key stakeholders, including Reef Conservation, the National Parks and Conservation Service (NPCS), and the local community, which has significantly bolstered the socio-economic well-being of Bel Ombre. Our support extends to sustainable enterprises like Plankton and Fey Palmis, enriching the lives of the local inhabitants.  

As we celebrate this milestone, we eagerly anticipate our continued journey towards even greater sustainable accomplishments. Bel Ombre's recognition as a top sustainable destination signifies a remarkable achievement but also a shared vision of a brighter, greener future.  

This recognition reiterates Rogers Group's pledge to Meaningful Change and underscores Bel Ombre's role as a pioneering experimental hub.

Find out more about the Green Destination Summit 2023 here.  


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