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Celebrating a legacy of partnership and progress with South African Airways

02 Apr 2024

Celebrating a legacy of partnership and progress with South African Airways

In the realm of global partnerships and international business collaborations, the bond between Mauritius and South Africa stands out as particularly enduring and dynamic. It is indeed a unique one that transcends mere geographical proximity. At the Rogers Group, we are privileged to have been partaking in this remarkable relationship since 1948.

Rogers Aviation is reaching a key milestone this year, celebrating 76 years of partnership as a General Sales Agent (GSA) for South African Airways (SAA) in Mauritius. Moreover, as a pioneer in the Mauritian airline representation business, Rogers Aviation has grown into a highly trusted GSA for several international carriers in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean region.

The enduring partnership with South African Airways (SAA) has played a pivotal role in the growth of both the aviation and tourism sectors in Mauritius. Since the inaugural arrival of 44 South African tourists in 1963, as highlighted by Eshan Dahoo, Country Manager (Mauritius, Reunion & Seychelles) for airline & systems services at Rogers Aviation, our collaborative efforts have significantly impacted passenger traffic. These endeavours have resulted in a remarkable surge, with numbers escalating to over 100,000 in recent times. This significant increase has not only bolstered tourism but has also provided a substantial boost to the Mauritian hospitality industry, underlining the extensive and positive impact of our alliance on the region's economic and cultural landscapes.

Beyond passenger services, our collaboration extends to cargo operations, strengthening trade links not only between our two nations but also across the broader African continent. As Mauritius positions itself as a regional hub, the partnership with SAA has been crucial in facilitating commerce and connectivity, underscoring the strategic importance of our relationship.

As SAA marked its 90th anniversary in February 2024, we stand ready to support its evolution and expansion. This 76-year partnership between Rogers Aviation and South African Airways showcases the Group’s commitment to meaningful, long-term stakeholder relationships. Looking ahead, we leverage the expertise of our companies to continue driving Meaningful Change across our business operations. 

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