Rogers Group Sustainability

Celebrating World Environment & World Oceans Days

30 Jun 2023

World Environment Day and World Oceans Day serve as a powerful reminder of our shared responsibility to protect and preserve our natural ecosystems. With a steadfast commitment to sustainability, the group has embarked on a collaborative journey to create a greener future. An array of inspiring workshops, talks and events were held throughout the month of June across the group, leaving a lasting impression on participants. 


1. Rogers Corporate Office: Acting on climate change through the Climate Fresk  

Rogers Corporate Office

As part of the Climate Fresk program, and in line with the Rogers Group’s objective to empower 500 employees within one year to act on the urgent issue of climate change, an immersive three-hour workshop was led by the Sustainability & Inclusive Development team of the Corporate Office. Participants explored the complexities of climate change through interactive exercises and discussions, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its causes, impacts, and solutions using a card-based format. 


2. Rogers Hospitality: From brainstorming to tree planting, diving, and beach clean-up 

Rogers Hospitality
  • Heritage Resorts and Chamarel 7 Coloured Earth Geopark joined forces to organise a tree planting session near the river Jacotet, in the picturesque setting of Bel Ombre. 
  • On World Ocean Day, the youngest guests at Timomo Kids club of Heritage Resorts were happy to participate in a drawing workshop, glass bottom boat expedition and an immersive learning session in The Yellow Submarine. 
  • Veranda Resorts, for their part, undertook different activities including the crafting of eco-friendly bags. Furthermore, a creative team brainstorming session was hosted on World Environment Day to address pressing ecological challenges. 
  • The dedicated team at Ocean Basket recently conducted an impressive cleanup initiative in collaboration with Croisieres Australes, Veranda Resorts, and Moka’z. They dived into the waters of Trou d’Eau Douce and Ilot Mangenie to remove an astonishing 75 kilograms of waste! 


3. Velogic: Clean-up and waste management 


Velogic's commitment to preserving the planet was translated through a range of waste management initiatives, and a plogging event around Rochester Falls and Cascade Cecile. This endeavour witnessed the diligent efforts of 40 employees, resulting in the collection of 30 kilograms of plastic waste. 


4. Rogers Aviation: Awareness-raising workshops on sustainability 

Rogers Aviation
  • DIY workshop for crafting eco-friendly household products 
    Rogers Aviation teams had the opportunity to learn crafting eco-friendly household products using 100% natural ingredients, gaining insight into their benefits and properties. From scouring cream to floor cleaner, they discovered versatile uses of ingredients like white vinegar, black soap, and baking soda in this unique DIY workshop. 
  • Waste management workshop  
    Sébastien Geneuil, an agronomist and speaker from the NGO Mission Verte, led an enlightening workshop on agroecology and composting methods. More than 20 team members hence learned about the responsible practices to reduce the amount of biodegradable waste in domestic bins. 
  • Plogging activity 
    A team of 15 motivated employees actively engaged in a plogging activity in the vicinity of Reduit. They successfully collected a total of 62 kg of waste!  
  • Awareness talk on sustainability and inclusive development  
    During the talk session, the Rogers Corporate S&I team provided invaluable expertise and insights on sustainability. They elaborated on Rogers' sustainability framework, emphasising the importance of achieving Meaningful Change. Additionally, Bandish Augnoo,  Sustainability Manager, highlighted the group's efforts in intensifying energy-efficient initiatives while Priscille Noël, Sustainability and Inclusive Development Manager, focused on the vibrant and inclusive aspects of community development. 
  • Bis Lamer at Rogers Aviation 
    Employees had the opportunity to engage with Bis Lamer, a mobile marine education initiative by Reef Conservation. This roving classroom, packed with interactive tools and displays, shed light on the environmental challenges the marine ecosystem faces. 


5. Rogers Capital: promoting environmental awareness 

Rogers Capital
  • Talk session on environmental protection 
    Mickaël Apaya, Chief Sustainability & Inclusive Development Executive of Rogers Corporate Office, gave an inspiring talk on environmental protection for more than 70 colleagues of Rogers Capital, raising awareness on the urgency of addressing climate change. He also took this opportunity to facilitate the understanding of plastic waste management. 
  • Bis Lamer at Rogers House  
    Bis Lamer was also invited at Rogers House on the 8th of June to sensitise the team of Rogers Capital. 


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