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ENL and Rogers Groups launch integration project for headquarters teams

18 Jan 2024

ENL and Rogers groups launch integration project for headquarters teams


The ENL and Rogers Groups jointly initiated a project aimed at integrating their corporate offices' teams. This endeavour seeks to strengthen the strategic, cultural, and operational alignment between the two groups. 

A consultancy firm specialising in organisational structures has been engaged to assess the feasibility and intricate details of this project.

It is important to note that this project will not alter the structures of ENL and Rogers, which will continue to operate as two distinct listed companies. 

Philippe Espitalier-Noël, CEO at Rogers Group, stated: "This project offers opportunities for all employees, providing a broader playground for personal and professional growth."

Gilbert Espitalier-Noël, CEO at ENL Group, also added: "ENL and Rogers will benefit from the talents, strengths, and dynamism present in both current corporate offices, further enhancing their ability to serve the interests of these two entities.” 

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