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Heritage Resorts’ Sustainable Culinary Week: A second edition honouring the terroir of Bel Ombre

05 Jul 2023

Sustainable Gastronomy Week


From July 10th to July 15th, eco-conscious and gourmet guests will be able to indulge in the second edition of Heritage Resorts’ Sustainable Culinary Week. This delicious initiative will unfold in Bel Ombre territory, including the charming Château de Bel Ombre and the trendy, tropical C Beach Club. By collaborating with the esteemed Michelin Green Star Chef Thomas Collomb, Heritage Resorts will blend French culinary excellence with the island’s finest flavours, offering the absolute best of Bel Ombre's terroir in each meticulously crafted dish.  

The rich terroir of Bel Ombre
Blessed with fertile soil and a sea that brims with abundance, Bel Ombre is home to a myriad of fresh products that profoundly influence the gastronomic landscape of the region. Following the success of the first edition which helped promote local artisans, Heritage Resorts now reaffirms its solid commitment to the local sourcing of products. 

Farm to table: A celebration of local ingredients
Throughout this special week, the menu will exclusively feature locally captured, grown, and reared ingredients, sourced from the island’s farmers, fishermen, and growers. While supporting them, Heritage Resorts also ensures a short food supply chain, effectively reducing their carbon footprint.

From farm to fork, every morsel served comes with a story of sustainable practice and community development. The Sustainability Culinary Week is not just about tantalising people’s taste buds, but it also aims to foster a broader consciousness about sustainable practices within the culinary industry. It highlights the importance of sourcing local and seasonal ingredients, not only to improve the quality and flavour of dishes but also to reduce the carbon footprint linked with the long-distance transportation of food. Furthermore, it champions the promotion of an environmentally friendly food system, from the use of eco-friendly packages to food waste reduction, and the adoption of energy-efficient practices. 

This event aspires to drive a transformative shift, encouraging attendees and participants alike to reconsider their habits and adopt sustainable measures, creating a gastronomic experience that is delicious, educative, and above all, kind to our planet.

This gastronomic adventure reflects Heritage Resorts' commitment to Rogers Hospitality’s Now for Tomorrow programme, dedicated to sustainable practices.  

Culinary competition: evaluating the best sustainable lunches and gala dinners
Each talented chef from the different venues will have the unique privilege to showcase their culinary skills by elaborating unique sustainable dishes, all of which will be carefully evaluated by a respected panel of judges led by Chef Collomb. This friendly competition will allow the winner to participate in an enriching, week-long culinary workshop at Chef Collomb's restaurant in France. More than enhancing their savoir-faire, it will enable them to experience sustainable practices first-hand, such as vegetable waste sorting and composting, along with the use of a fully electric kitchen that significantly curtails CO2 emissions.

Do you want to learn more about this event? Have a look at the programme highlights here.

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