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Wellness & Safety Month at Rogers: A Journey of Mind and Body

06 Oct 2023


With a focus on holistic well-being at work, we know a vibrant team is key.

From September 5th to October 6th, several team members from the Corporate Office were invited to participate in a series of activities during a special Wellness and Safety Month. Our team members demonstrated a keen interest in these initiatives which aimed at promoting both individual and collective well-being at work through awareness sessions, best practice tips, or personal care.  

Find out more about our team members’ experiences during this special month: 

Empowerment through Knowledge

Understanding the early signs of a stroke can be the key to prevention. Through an informative session, participants learned about stroke symptoms, the necessity of rapid response, and preventive methods.

"I found the workshop highly engaging and informative. One aspect I particularly appreciated was the practical advice and informative protocols shared during the workshop. I believe that attending this workshop can greatly benefit anyone interested in safeguarding their health.” – Gabriel Bonnelam.  

Finding balance with emotions management and laughter

Our emotions play a pivotal role in how we experience life. These workshops provided attendees with insights and tools to handle their feelings and embrace the joy and therapeutic power of laughter.

The session on Emotions Management allowed me to gain insight into the impact of my emotions on my work performance and relationships with colleagues.” – Suraj Luchmadu.

Laughter is indeed the best medicine, and the laughter therapy session reminded us of its incredible ability to relieve stress, boost mood, and foster a sense of connection with others. This contagious laughter exercise was a great success!” – Sandra Lam.

"Participating in laughter therapy not only proved to be an effective means of enhancing my emotional resilience and augmenting my general state of well-being but also provided a delightful experience during the session.” – Anysha Jhummun. 


Taking time for personal care

With expert-led sessions on skincare, participants learned how to maintain healthy skin, address common concerns, and enjoy relaxing massages and facial treatments.

"The health month was both exciting and beneficial for me. I especially appreciated the skincare session, which brought a calming and rejuvenating feel to our day at the office." – Prema Bissoon.

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