Reforestation of the Jacotet River in Bel Ombre

04 May 2023

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Project overview: 

The Jacotet River Reforestation project, undertaken by Rogers Foundation, has several objectives: restore biodiversity, enable wildlife migration, improve flood management and erosion control, and promote eco-tourism in the Bel Ombre region. 

2,000 endemic trees, including a total of 80 different species of plants, shrubs, and other endemic ferns, have currently been planted at the Jacotet River. The objective is to create a natural corridor of 9.8 km on the edge of the biosphere-classified forest in Bel Ombre. 

This initiative has seen the participation of team members of the various subsidiaries of the Rogers and ENL Groups, along with visitors. The next step is to source and plant an additional 5,000 endemic trees. 

In the long term, rehabilitation through reforestation will contribute to better flood management and help combat soil erosion along the riverbanks. The resulting reduction in sedimentation will also help promote a healthier marine ecosystem – including corals – in the Bel Ombre lagoon, which is home to more than 70 species of fish.  

The Bel Ombre region is home to numerous tropical, aquatic, and terrestrial species. Additionally, the area is part of the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve of the Black River Gorges, which contains the last remaining 2% of native forests in Mauritius, making the site valuable and unique. 

Our strategy:

As part of our climate agenda, Rogers has committed to the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. The Group has set targets for the entire value chain in line with scientific recommendations to limit global warming to 1.5°C.

The Jacotet River Reforestation in Bel Ombre directly addresses this set target and promotes sustainable development within the company culture. Every employee is encouraged to participate and contribute to this effort.   
As highlighted in Business Mauritius’ SigneNatir pact through the ‘Biodiversity pillar’, the protection and preservation of primary forests - as the home of terrestrial biodiversity – is among the most necessary and urgent actions to be taken.  

Tracking progress:

This tree-planting initiative has been progressing steadily and has achieved significant milestones. So far, 2,000 endemic trees, including a total of 80 different species of plants, shrubs, and other endemic ferns, have been planted, 3 km of riverbanks have been rehabilitated, and employees from the whole Rogers Group participated in the project. 

This initiative's progress highlights our commitment to environmental preservation and the inclusion of employees and the local community in a positive and meaningful way.    

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