Rogers extends its first Climate Fresk workshop to the Zardin Colibri community

13 Nov 2023

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Rogers extends its first Climate Fresk workshop to the Zardin Colibri community

In contemporary concerns, climate change reigns supreme on everyone's agenda. At Rogers Group, we staunchly uphold the conviction that combating climate change necessitates comprehensive awareness-building and community involvement at the grassroots level.

On October 28, 2023, Rogers extended its Climate Fresk Workshop beyond its companies by hosting the first-ever Community Climate Fresk Workshop at Zardin Colibri in Beau-Bassin. This local NGO thrives in a natural setting and is dedicated to fostering an earth-connected community.

"Our team's four certified Climate Fresk facilitators engaged in Climate Fresk's 42-card interactive game with a community group of 20 individuals. It enabled participants to create "fresks" that succinctly summarise the work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This creative process allowed them to convey the IPCC's findings in a more accessible and engaging manner," underscores Priscille Noël, Sustainability & Inclusive Development Manager at Rogers. 

"Extending knowledge creates a ripple effect, especially when reaching the younger generation, which is bound to spread exponentially over time. It is also essential to engage them in hands-on experiences, rekindling their connection with the planet and enabling a complete understanding of its role in our ecosystem," affirms Priscille. 

Climate Fresk Workshop


Zardin Colibri stood out as a meticulously chosen venue. Its founders, Mario Joliecoeur, Patrice Ng Wan and Nathalie Philogène, bring a wealth of experience as socio-entrepreneurs and personal development mentors. Their vision revolves around establishing an exceptional nursery, nurturing a collaborative community, and fostering a culture of sharing and respect. The NGO's multifaceted approach includes artistic and cultural workshops, well-being and self-development activities, agroecology training, social harmony empowerment, elderly support through an 'Elder's Circle,' and educational programmes for youth. This comprehensive ethos aligns perfectly with Rogers' mission of creating Meaningful Change.

Find out more about Zardin Colibri here.



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Rogers extends its first Climate Fresk workshop to the Zardin Colibri community

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