Rogers Foundation partners with Ebony Forest to advance the conservation of endangered species

05 Jun 2024

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Phelsuma Rosagularis

The Upland Forest Day Gecko, also known as Phelsuma rosagularis.

Project Overview

The Rogers Foundation has partnered with Ebony Forest, a conservation-focused social enterprise in Mauritius that is working with the National Parks and Conservation Service, to tackle the critical conservation needs of three endangered species: the Lowland forest day gecko, the Upland forest day gecko, and the Macchabé skink.

Ebony Forest has a strong track record of rehabilitating degraded forest lands, establishing sanctuaries for endangered wildlife, and promoting environmental awareness through educational and community engagement initiatives. This collaboration with Rogers includes the development of suitable habitats within three designated areas: Ebony Forest, Montagne Longue, and Vallée de L'Est, aimed at providing secure environments that facilitate the breeding and survival of these threatened species.

Alignment with Rogers's Strategic S&ID Framework

This initiative embodies the biodiversity focus, one of the six pillars within the Group's strategic Sustainability & Inclusive Development (S&ID) framework. By focusing on these conservation efforts, Rogers demonstrates a proactive commitment to environmental stewardship and emphasises its dedication to fostering ecological preservation and community welfare.

Transformative Impacts

The collaboration between Rogers and Ebony Forest will have significant impacts across environmental, social, and economic domains:

• Environmental: This project will significantly contributes to the resilience and stability of Mauritius's ecosystems by restoring habitats and reintroducing species;
Social: The initiative will be a powerful tool for education, involving over 2,500 students and 20,000 visitors annually in conservation efforts, thus enhancing community involvement and environmental awareness. Through workshops and direct participation, local communities will learn about biodiversity and the importance of preserving their natural heritage;
Economic: It will stimulate local economies by creating sustainable job opportunities in conservation and ecotourism, supporting growth that harmonises with the environment.

Tracking Progress

Progress is meticulously tracked to assess the effectiveness of habitat restoration, species population growth, and community engagement efforts. These insights will guide ongoing and future conservation strategies.

• Community engagement: Annually involve 2,500 students and 20,000 visitors in educational programs;
• Capacity building: Train at least ten locals in conservation techniques, enhancing regional conservation expertise.


This partnership between Rogers Foundation and Ebony Forest exemplifies a strategic, impactful approach to conservation. By aligning corporate resources with environmental and social imperatives, Rogers sets a precedent for sustainable development initiatives that yield long-term benefits for the planet and its people. 

The Lowland Forest Day Gecko, also known as Phelsuma guimbeaui

The Lowland Forest Day Gecko, also known as Phelsuma guimbeaui

The project is dedicated to drawing crucial attention to the mainland reptile species, raising awareness about their importance, and emphasising the need for their conservation. By focusing on these often-overlooked creatures, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of biodiversity and its role in maintaining ecological balance.

Mickaël Apaya, Chief Sustainability Officer

We invite our stakeholders to join us on this transformative journey as we continue to champion biodiversity and sustainable community development.

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