Veranda Resorts has recently achieved Green Key Certification

28 Jul 2023

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Veranda Resorts Green Key

Project overview:   

Veranda Paul & Virginie 4*, Veranda Pointe aux Biches 4*, Veranda Palmar 3* and Veranda Tamarin 3* are Green key certified since May 2022. The Green Key certification is a voluntary eco-label awarded to hospitality businesses recognised by Global Sustainable Tourism Council and is a symbol of a business’s commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism, covering areas such as energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, staff education, and guest experience. 

This marks a great addition to Rogers Hospitality’s list of sustainability achievements, with Heritage Le Telfair and Heritage Awali being Green Key certified since 2017

The Green Key certification program holds a paramount position in the global hospitality industry when it comes to sustainability. Hotels bearing the coveted Green Key emblem undergo comprehensive annual audits, ensuring strict adherence to environmentally conscious practices in areas such as ecological management and the promotion of sustainable education among staff, guests, and suppliers. 

Managed by the International Foundation for Environmental Education and supported by the World Tourism Organization, the Green Key program is widely recognised by the World Council on Sustainable Tourism, further solidifying its significance in the realm of responsible tourism. Veranda Resorts' adhesion into this influential network signifies its unwavering commitment to preserving our planet while providing unforgettable experiences to its cherished guests. 

Switching to more energy-efficient practices 

Veranda Resorts has implemented specific measures to support sustainable practices. In the energy transition pillar, staff members are responsible for verifying the energy efficiency of new electronic equipment before making purchases. Additionally, regular monitoring of lighting systems ensures that all LED lamps function correctly and external lighting is used only when necessary. These measures contribute to reducing energy consumption and promoting efficient use of resources at the resorts.  

Managing and minimising food waste 

Waste management is essential to Veranda Resorts' sustainable programme. Each hotel's team is responsible for sorting all waste before sending it to recycling stations. In addition, the concerns about waste management are also transmitted to the younger generations of visitors through upcycling workshops offered at the resorts' kids' clubs. More recently, the Veranda resorts have committed to work towards eliminating single-use guest-related plastic items from operations, such as wet bathroom amenities, that have now been placed in recyclable and reusable containers. 

Veranda Resorts collaborating with its guests for a sustainable future 

Guests are also involved in the different Veranda Resorts’ sustainability strategies. For example, guests staying at the Veranda Pointe aux Biches hotel are invited to switch off their room lights for 1 hour to help reduce energy consumption. Moreover, in all resorts, visitors are encouraged to enjoy sustainable outdoor activities, including snorkelling and scuba diving, bike riding or visits to natural parks.  

Supporting the local community 

The Green Key-certified Veranda Resorts also work closely with the local community in Mauritius. Donations and healthy food are distributed among vulnerable families, and literacy classes are also offered to the hotel's staff. In addition, the hotels make sure to include local seasonal food in their menus and support local businesses. 

Our strategy:   

This certification results from the dedication and determination of the teams at all Veranda hotels throughout the island. It exemplifies the efforts of Rogers Hospitality and its Now for Tomorrow sustainable development programme to develop an environmentally respectful, sustainable, and responsible business.  

Being a signatory of the SigneNatir pact, to which the Rogers Group is also committed, the hotels’ sustainable strategy has focused on five pillars, namely: 

  • energy transition 
  • biodiversity preservation and restoration 
  • a circular economy model for better waste management 
  • inclusive development 
  • vibrant communities 

By focusing on these areas, the Group contributes to sustainable development and creates meaningful change. 

Tracking progress:   

Green Key-certified hotels are audited annually to ensure compliance and consistency. The KPIs set within the Veranda hotels for maintaining the Green Key certification include: 

  • Ongoing reduction in water and energy consumption; 
  • Increased utilisation of renewable energy sources; 
  • Effective waste management practices; 
  • Promotion of sustainable food options; 
  • Implementation of eco-friendly maintenance procedures; 
  • Preservation of biodiversity within the hotel premises. 

These KPIs serve as benchmarks for Veranda Resorts' commitment to sustainable practices and are instrumental in ensuring that our operations positively impact the environment and local communities. 

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