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Our philosophy and strategy 


As a responsible Corporate Citizen operating for over a century, Rogers’ focus on sustainability has been perennial. Acting as a vehicle for positive change by making sustainability an intrinsic part of its strategy and value creation, the Group’s outcomes, as we look forward, focus on the three Ps – Prosperity, People, and Planet. 

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Renewable electricity produced

8 %

Waste recycling rate

27 %

Water recycled and reused

40 %

Number of vibrant community projects


Number of inclusive development projects



In conjunction with political action and civic engagement, businesses must step up to embrace the concept of strong sustainability. The journey from abstract ideas to practical actions is a long process that can be achieved by adopting a pragmatic approach. Rogers is committed to this Meaningful Change. We collaborate with all stakeholders to create a comprehensive long-term strategy that follows a low-carbon path, building resilience against climate-related risks and concurrently ensuring a just transition. 

Mickaël Apaya

Chief Sustainability and Inclusive Development Executive


  • We create shared value for our stakeholders through sustainable growth, continuous innovation, and consolidation of our operations internationally.

  • We foster agile environments and enable vibrant communities where people can grow, excel, and thrive.

  • We act responsibly by reducing our carbon footprint, preserving our biodiversity, and protecting our natural resources.

Rogers Group, a Corporate Citizen


The Rogers Group takes the lead in the fight against the local propagation of HIV/AIDS.


The Group becomes the first Mauritian Company to join the UN Global compact.


The Rogers Foundation, one of the first among private sector companies, is incorporated.


The Rogers Foundation starts a partnership with Reef Conservation Mauritius with the ‘Bis Lamer’ programme for awareness-raising and education on coastal protection.


The Rogers Group engages in a sustainable development process in line with the UN SDGs.

The Rogers Group is listed in the Stock Exchange Mauritius Sustainability Index (SEMSI).


The Rogers Group’s CEO, Philippe Espitalier-Noël, is appointed President of the Sustainability & Inclusive Growth Commission of Business Mauritius.


The Rogers Group sets up its first Sustainability and Inclusiveness Committee that reports to the Board of Directors.


The Rogers Group adheres to the Business Mauritius’ SigneNatir pact and launches its Sustainability Charter

The Rogers Group launches its first detailed Sustainability Report.  


The Rogers Group signs for the ‘Business Ambition for 1.5 degrees C’ initiative targeting net zero emissions by 2050.

The Rogers Group partners with Boston Consulting Group to identify sustainability-related business opportunities.

Rogers Hospitality launches the ‘Now for Tomorrow’ programme, including Mauritius’ first carbon-neutral stays in hotels.

Bel Ombre region is renominated as UNESCO - Man and the Biosphere Reserve.


An MoU is signed with Odysseo for the protection and regeneration of marine biodiversity.

The territorial brand ‘Bel Ombre. Lamer. Later. Lavi’ is officially launched with the ambition to transform the region into ‘The reference in Sustainable Tropical Art de Vivre’.

Bel Ombre is nominated for the ‘Best Tourism Villages 2022’ initiative organised by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). 


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10 Nov 23

Sustainability & Inclusive Development Report 2023

16 Nov 22

Sustainability Report 2022

20 Mar 21

Sustainability Report 2021

12 Oct 20

Sustainability Report 2020

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